About Venice Pavers

More then 30 years ago Will started mowing lawns around the neighborhood, this turned into a substantial maintenance business by 16 years old.

As time went by and customers wanted more then just lawn mowing the business became a full service landscape company. Just after turning 18 Will applied and tested for his landscape contractors license, passing on the first try it was all that was needed to really expand on his passion for landscape installation.

The landscape business became more then just lawns and cutting grass but Concrete Patios, Retaining Walls, Ponds, Putting Greens, Sprinklers, Drainage, Drip Systems, Pavers, Lighting, Trees and Plantings and much more.

If there is one thing that cant be faked in this world, that is decades of of real world experience, hard work and satisfaction of a job well done. Trust the Pros who have that experience.