Landscape Drainage Venice FL

Landscape Drainage Venice FL

October 8, 2020

Landscape Drainage Installation

Does your backyard have drainage issues and standing water in Venice FL?

Venice Pavers and Landscape offers drainage consultation and FREE estimates for your drainage issues.

With 25+ years experience we have seen a lot, our expertise will get your standing water issues dealt with once and for all. There are many opinions on drainage and the appropriate solution for your yard, trust the local experts and we will review all your options.

Venice Landscape Drainage

If you see standing water in your yard during the heavy summer rain periods we have in Florida then you have a drainage problem. Not always does this mean that your house will flood but for many reasons you will want to deal with the issue properly to prevent recurrence.

Many times a soggy yard is a good indication of improper drainage systems in place. The goal of a proper landscape drainage solution is to remove EXCESS water away from the yard to prevent puddles and over-saturation. 

There are more opinions about drainage online then actual possibilities but it really comes down to two landscape drainage options.

  • Conventional Drainage
  • French Drain


Lets talk about French Drains

A French Drain is the method of installing a combination of underground drainage pipe, rock, and to work to transport and distribute water.

A French Drain is meant to both “carry” water and “distribute” water along the way.

If done right French Drains can both carry and distribute water yes, we are happy to discuss your drainage options with you.

French Drains are also detailed in their construction and nine out of ten times are improperly installed.

French drains are typically a solution for large scale water remediation efforts on large scale projects!

Have questions about French Drainage in Venice FL? Just Ask

Traditional Drainage Systems

Drainage solutions are required to remove water from locations such as backyards to prevent standing water and flooding.

Venice Pavers and Landscape installs more “traditional” drainage systems then any other type of drain.

What do we mean by “traditional” and why does it matter? There are two types of drain pipe – Perforated and non-perforated. We install mostly non-perforated and the reason is simple – most drainage installations are meant to MOVE WATER.

We can offer either drainage option but in most cases there is no point in trying to collect water along the way and why saturate ground when it is already pooling.

Want to have us look at your drainage challenges and give you a professional perspective? Call Us Today: 941-413-1109

Are you looking to have a Paver Patio installed? Prepare for drainage before hand, ask us what you need to consider.