South: A City in Northeast Florida

South in Venice, Florida is a city of about 20,000 people. It is on the Atlantic coast and was originally named South Jacksonville. The area has changed its name twice before finally settling on South in Venice Florida in 1961. This article will discuss how it came to be called that and what makes this place unique among other cities throughout Northeast Florida. South in Venice, Florida is a great city to visit. The area has many things for families and couples to do, from dining out at restaurants or going on tours of South in Venice FL. Learn information about Venice, FL.

This city even hosts the annual Seafood Festival that occurs every year during early October! The city of South is a residential community in northeast Florida. It was established as a town in 1959 and later became a part of Venice, FL when it joined the county in 1975. This area has grown to include much more than its original intention but still holds on to aspects that give residents a feeling for what life south may have been like during the early days. The coastal setting along with excellent schools and low crime rates make this an ideal place to live or visit even if you’re just passing through. So come see why so many people call South home today. Discover facts about Plantation in Florida: History, Architecture and Landscape.